My Personal Bedtime Routine

If you know me personally, you’ll know how much I like my sleep.
To ensure that I get the best quality sleep and make the most of the time I get in my bed, here’s a guide to my night time routine.
It starts 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

Every day, regardless if I’m working or not, I will begin to wind down several hours before bed. This includes wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses to increase melatonin production (I will go more in depth about this soon) and I stop drinking water to prevent any middle of the night wake ups.

A nice cup of tea.

Unfortunately I am quite caffeine sensitive, so whereas I can’t have normal tea before bed. I try to have a cup of camomile tea, or another caffeine free hot drink around 2 hours before bed.

Technology off.

Once I’ve got home, I have had my tea and have got ready for bed, I turn off all the technology in my room. My phone goes into flight mode and I switch of all the plugs apart from a bed side lamp.


Now for the final step, if I’m feeling particularly sore or tight due to a lot of sitting or a tough workout – I will stretch for 10 minutes before the next step.

I will then lie in bed, read a book for about 20-30 minutes before taking my glasses off, switching the light off and heading to bed.
Simple right? I do feel a lot better after taking these steps to sleep, but that may just be me or a placebo affect!
Questions? Ask away!

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