One Of My Favourite Destinations

“If you don’t know what you want to do in life, travel until you know”


About 18 months ago I took a trip across the world to Australia and New Zealand and fell in love with one particular town. I travelled to almost every town in New Zealand. Spending way too much, but having an amazing time.


That’s what I love about travel. Yes, you may go overboard and spend some money but how many other times in my life will I be able to stand on the bow of the boat while it goes into a waterfall?

It can be done cheap, and I won’t lie that sometimes I had to go about cheap to save money and skimp a little bit. But that’s all part of the fun!


Coming back to my favourite town. I had a little bit of time so I stopped in a place called Lake Tekapo for about 4 days. Now, I was in New Zealand in the middle of winter and it’s safe to say that it was quiet. I stayed in a hostel and I was the only backpacker in there. The entire place to myself!

By this point, I had jumped out of a plane, jumped off a bridge and got to swing across a canyon however nothing compared to the scenery and serenity of this place.

There is something about being the only person on a lake, in a small kayak.


A floating form of meditation perhaps?

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