The Simplest Fitness Tip?

I was reminded earlier of a conversation I had in the Gold Coast of Australia. Someone who was interested in starting their fitness journey and asked me a very simple question.

“If you could only give one piece of advice to make a difference for someone’s fitness, what would it be?”

So I thought about this and came to a simple answer:

“Stand more.”


It’s so simple but yet so overlooked! There have been various studies into why sitting is much worse than standing but I wasn’t concerned about that.

Did you know standing can burn up to 800 extra calories a week?* This equates to almost a pound weight loss, per month. Just by standing up!

Not to mention it also helps fight many postural issues found in todays society. From Lower back pain to Kyphosis (head is pushed forward). I will go more into detail in another article for what I do personally to fight these issues. I try to stand as much as I can but sometimes it’s nice to sit down on the sofa and read a book.

What do you think is the most important fitness tip someone could get?

I can think of worse places to have been asked this question.


  • http://www.juststand.org/OnlineToolbox/tabid/637/Default.aspx


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