The Three Types Of Shoes Every Guy Should Have.

You’re starting to expand your wardrobe, or even completely change it.

Your shoes are a good indicator of how you dress, how well you take care of yourself and your personality.

Most of the time, your shoes will be one of the first things someone notices about you. First impressions are important!

So, there are 3 basic shoe types that you should be looking at. From these 3 you will have the ability to change colours, styles and comfort levels.


Type 1: 

The formal shoes (Oxfords/Brogues/Monk/Derby) 

The first type of shoes of course have to be the formal shoes, these are (mostly) split into two styles. The Oxford or Brogues. There are more designs but to keep it simple, we will focus on these two for now.

These will be form in a smart or formal setting with a shirt and tie, or can be more in a smart casual look with jeans.

Play around with colours in style, but avoid a square toed shoe, they will make you look like a school child and will not look as good.

Just remember to keep them polished and clean.

Type 2:

The trainer/Sneaker

These will give you the most creativity and allow for many different styles, colours, shapes and fit. Play around with what you feel most comfortable in as you may be doing anything from going to the gym to going to the shops. I have personally played around with different styles over the years and have found the Nike Flyknits to be the comfiest or my Vivobarefoot shoes for general use.

But please remember these are not a formal shoe and should not be worn in a formal environment. Most of the time these are worn in the gym or the brief moments of going into the shops. If you are looking to better your style, try to avoid wearing these to everything. Type 3 will be your best option if don’t want to wear formal shoes everywhere.

these are my scruffy old pair of trainers. Less formal and would not wear them to do much apart from the gym.

Type 3:

The Boots and Casual shoes (Chukka/Chelsea/Desert/Espadrilles/Loafers) 

So this is the catch all category for the rest of the shoes (apart from a few that will not be included).

These will be shoes you can wear that will make people notice without “over-dressing” for the occasion (Reminds me of an Oscar Wilde Quote). These will be the casual, smart casual and smart dressing occasions.

You have an array of shoe types in this category, but not sure where to start?

Depending on the time of year you will have different options, for example:

During the summer you will find an Espadrille best as they are light and versatile.

During the winter a Chukka boot or Chelsea boot will be your best option because they are easy to match and still look good.

A pair of black Chelsea Boots has a lot of versatility and can be worn with almost anything.

Do you have any more questions about this topic? Don’t be afraid to ask! Comment below and i’ll be happy to help.

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