My Own Fitness Journey.

This was me, about 4 and a half years ago.

So I started my fitness journey by walking into the gym about a week after my 17th birthday, I weighed just under 9 stone (Less than 60kg).

I’d be lying to say that I went to the gym for any other reason than vanity, looks and to try and get girls.

So I started doing the typical thing every 17 year old does, the bro split. Chest, Back, Arms and Legs (Chest and Arms more than the other).


After about a year of doing this, I didn’t have much to show for it but I felt better about myself. Confidence was up, started to feel good. I then decided I needed more, I needed to train for something. So I started attending Ju Jitsu classes in the summer of 2013.

So after this I quickly joined in with the kickboxing class too. Doing this meant I had a whole new world of fitness available to me.

Roughly the same time I also completed my level 2 gym instructing course.

After another year or so I completed my level 3 personal training course.


So after a few years of working on my Olympic Weightlifting, Ju Jitsu, Strength training and limited cardio. I decided to train for my first competition.

Now, a few years have passed, I’ve beat myself up (so have others), my joints were feeling it and I had a problem. My hips were about as mobile as a plank of wood. So I started to work on my mobility, flexibility and my movement.

This lead me to the work of Chris McDougall and his barefoot training techniques, the work of Kelly Starrett to Become a Supple Leopard.


I then started working on my movement patterns and flow patterns. This helped develop a range of motion for my joints before moving into Callisthenics and Bodyweight training. My background in Ju Jitsu  meant that my general body awareness and strength was already in place and some of the movements were fairly easy to learn.

Now along with my predominant training in Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing. I am working on my bodyweight exercises, flow techniques (there are examples of this on my Instagram). I have my aims set in a previous blog post for my goals in 2017 which you can find here. I also include some free weight and cable exercises because I would be lying if I said there isn’t vanity behind some of my exercises.

My goals have changed however as my training has gone on, I no longer care about my 1 rep max for any of my lifts, but I care more about my functionality,relative strength (Can I hold myself in a position for longer?) and mobility. As I said, there is still an element of vanity to my training but I want to be able to do anything, 5k run? Sure. Go for a swim? Why not. Hike up a mountain? Let’s do it. 7,500 pull ups in the next 12 months? Easy. Compete next year? Let the training begin.

On a finishing note, my fitness journey hasn’t just been about fitness. I have changed as a person since being in the gym. I am happier, more confident, harder working, more focused and seeking self improvement in every aspect of life. I still wouldn’t wear a vest in public though.


P.S. You can follow my adventures on Instagram if you aren’t already. Link below!

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