Daily Mobility Routine

So anyone who knows me, will know that I spend alot of time doing mobility and flexibility work.

Per day I spend roughly 20-30 minutes doing this work separately to my workout specific warm up/cool down and it often goes like this:

  • Modified Cat/Camel (will explain this in a more in depth post soon),
  • Cobra Stretch coming up into a pike,
  • ┬áHip Flexor stretch,
  • Ankle/Calf mobility,
  • Glute Activation work,
  • T-spin peanut roller,
  • Shoulder overheard stretch.

I have worked through this and developed it taking sections from “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Kelly Starrett and from “Foundation Training” by Dr. Eric Goodman.

This will change if one area needs work but I will do roughly 2-3 minutes per stretch or side.


Any questions about mobility or flexibility?

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