Match The Watch To Your Style

You’re starting to have a few watches, or even just considering buying one soon, here’s a helpful guide on how to pick the style of watch you will want.


Match the colours

So, the most important thing you can do is to get the right colour watch that matches the rest of your outfit.

A good starting point is a plain black watch. Black will go with everything. Not sure how to match colours? Look at this chart here.

Match the style or occasion

Different styles of watches will depend on different outfits/occasion.

In my opinion, the most formal watch type is a plain watch face with a black leather strap.

It’s important to know what style of watches suit you best. If you can, go to a jewellers and try on a selection of watches. Alternatively, get a watch you can easily swap straps so you can change the style of watch to match the occasion.

The general rule I stick by, is the more buttons/functions a watch has the less formal it is. So a  sports watch with a built in light, timer, stopwatch and the like will be less formal than a plain, metalic strapped watch.

Match the activity

Linking in closely with the occasion. What will you be doing while wearing the watch?

If you’re going to the gym or going for a jog, that formal leather strap watch probably isn’t the best option. Here you may benefit from a smart watch that will track everything from steps to calories burned.

Business meeting? Don’t think wearing a light up, calculator watch will be a good look.

Make sure you have a couple of options when it comes to watches so you are able to match it to the activity you are doing.

Match the fit

Lastly, and probably least importantly out of this list is the right fit of watch.

The only thing I used to care about was how big the watch was. I would get people looking at my watch saying ” Your watch is huge!”. Yes it was nice that people noticed the watch I was wearing, but I never received any actual compliments on it.

If you have slender wrists, having a big chunky watch will most likely not suit you. Having big chunky wrists will not suit a small watch.

I am now a fan of mixing up the watch size depending on the occasion but most of the time it will be a medium size watch with either a metallic or leather strap.

Where to start

So buying the first watch is always the most difficult because it is most likely the one you will be wearing the most.

Take your time choosing one and try on a few different styles. But if you can afford one, a smart watch will be a good start. They are versatile and can be swapped around to use for different uses and occasions. If you can’t afford this or simply don’t want a smart watch, look into either a leather strap watch or a metallic strap watch. Depending on the watch, a metallic strap can be dressed up or down to be more casual or formal.

Any questions about watch styles? Ask below!

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