Travel Adventures #1

So, let’s begin a new series where I will write up a brief description of various adventures that I have and where I go…

Starting with my first trip of 2017. The Aspinall Foundation in Kent.

After getting a little bit lost, we arrived in the dark, being the beginning of January it was pretty cold too. We walked through to our tiny log cabin, which was big enough for Paige and I to stay in. They were basic cabins with no running water and a small heater in the corner to warm it up. With no other problems in the evening, we had some dinner in the local cafe and went to sleep.

Neighbour #1

The next morning we woke up and got going about 9.30 am (we could not enter the park before then). We walked through the gate the entered in last night and saw that our neighbours were 3 giant European Wolves, it was very daunting the know just how close we were to them the night before without even realising. We spent the morning exploring the park, found some amazing animals (some are posted on my Instagram). Luckily for us we were almost on our own in the park and got very close to some animals that we would not have been able to if the park was busy.

Neighbour #2

After walking around the park first of all, we then jumped on to the safari tour that took us around the park in a different route and we got to see animals we could not see on the walking route. The park was split into two main sections, the Asian and the African areas. It was definitely worthwhile to do both tours as we had a commentary section of the driven tour and the experience of getting close up with some of the animals on the walking tour. After roughly 20,000 steps, we went back to the lodge, looked at the Wolves and the Siberian Tigers again and went for dinner.

So, now it was our last morning before going home, we took it somewhat easy. As our entry into the park was still valid until the end of the day, we decided to go on another Safari tour before heading home. This time it we relaxed abit more, taking no pictures, just enjoying the experience and seeing some of the amazing endangered creatures that the Aspinall Foundation had to offer.

View from the bed in the morning.


Until next time.



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