Be Your Own Guinea Pig

Working in the fitness industry you hear a lot of bullshit. This person said I should take this or eat this or do this.
My advice? Find what works for you!

I find the best things I can do in terms of exercise, supplements and anything else is to try it for myself and know if it works for me.
I know pre-workouts don’t help me because I have tried them. I don’t think certain exercises and types of training are for me because I have tried them.

It’s the same with new styles, haircuts and fragrances. You have to try them yourself to know they really work for you!
However, don’t try change something completely and expect either immediate change or for people to accept it. Humans don’t like change, we are creatures of habit. Furthermore, simply because you’ve tried it before does not mean it will never work for you! Especially when it comes to exercise.
Try new things, what’s the worst that can happen? You may actually enjoy it.

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