My Top App Recommendations

So every day I use a few apps that either make my life easier, help with productivity, help me relax or I just enjoy using them… Here is a small selection of the apps that I use and recommend:


MyFitnessPal. I find it difficult to get in the right amount of calories day to day to keep performing well, so using this app forces me to eat more.


Headspace. Great app to use if you’re new to meditation, however it does only offer 10 days free. There are probably some free apps you could also use!


IronPath. So this is a bit of a niché app, if you’re into recording your lifts and want to improve, your bar path is pretty important. IronPath will mark your bar path so you can how it’s looking. However it is limited to 3 videos so plan it accordingly (or upload them somewhere).


For the last few weeks I’ve used an app called Balanced. It’s a to do list app and admittedly you can just write it out on paper! It’s improved my productivity dramatically to know what I need to do at the start of the day.


if I’m planning a trip, there’s a few apps I’ll look at. Depending on who I’m flying with I will have the boarding pass on my phone (most of the time the airline will have an app to use).

For accomadation I use either Hostelworld, YHA (they have different apps for most countries) or AirBnB.


Has to be Netflix.


VSCO or Afterlight are my personal favourites. Gives you an easy way to edit your photos on the go.
This is a brief insight into what I use, obviously this is not a comprehensive list of what I use.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these apps and will not receive any incentive to have them listed here.

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