The Best Accessories For Men

Jewellery,  accessories for men and dressing well is a bit of a difficult subject for most. However adding accessories is an amazing way to add more style to your outfit, make you more eye-catching and maybe even act as a conversation starter. It’s so easy to get caught up with adding lots of minute details to your outfit, however, you want to find the best bang for your buck and make subtle changes that people will notice but not so much that it takes away from your what you are wearing. There are many different ways to do it and so many choices to choose from, from bracelets to watches to rings to piercings to the wallet that you carry. So below are my top tips to get your accessory game strong!

Keep It Simple.

Unfortunately, the phase of having loads of bracelets on is long gone for men. The easiest and simplest thing you can add to improve your style subtly? A watch. Not sure on what watch to add when? Have a look at my guide here. Watches are classy and more professional looking that just taking your phone out and looking at the time. You don’t want to seem like you are on your phone checking for messages or email when in fact you are just looking at the time. Have a range of watches to choose from or even a few different bands that you can swap around. A further in-depth guide is linked above. The same goes for any of the following tips, have a range to choose from to make sure you can always make the best choice for what you wear.

Don’t go over the top.

You never want your accessories to over power your outfit, this means that one, maybe two things will be best added. For me personally, I wear a watch and a ring. I don’t want someone to notice that I’m wearing too much on my wrist before anything else. Not a good first impression, it looks less professional and it makes you look less stylish than you are.


So I mentioned earlier that too many bracelets can be a bad thing, however adding one to what you are wearing can work out very nicely if done properly. However, I must still point out that you don’t want too over the top childish. Something simple, like a plain black bracelet or something meaningful.


It’s difficult to pull off a huge diamond/gold ring, the same as the section in my watch guide, there is such a thing as too big. You want a ring to add to your overall style, not take away attention from your outfit. Add 1, maybe 2 rings that fit your hand size and are not too overpowering. There are different styles of rings, ranging from signet rings to plain rings. Depending on the occasion and the outfit will also change your what type of ring you choose. I will get a guide up for that soon.


This is a difficult subject as I don’t personally wear any necklaces. However, the rule is the lesser the better. Try not to have it on the show too much if you decide to wear one. It will not go with a nice shirt to have a large chain hanging out the top of your top.


Again, not too much experience with this area. Nevertheless, simpler is better. A small stud will look a lot better than a large hole in your ear. Yes, unfortunately, gentlemen a large stretcher does not look professional and no matter how much we say you will not be judged, it’s not a good look.


Glasses are great when they are the right shape and size for your face. You have to know what face shape you are before you can decide what type of glasses you should buy. But by no means should it limit your choices. I have a pair of square glasses and have recently bought a pair of round glasses to test them out. Not sure what face shape you are? Have a look here. Then from there, you can choose your style. Round face? Get square glasses. Alternatively, square face? Get round glasses. Simple. If you don’t need to wear glasses then you can buy fake glasses but you have to be sure you suit the glasses otherwise you will just be wasting money.


Not technically an accessory you will have on show a lot (hopefully) but can do absolute wonders for your overall style and the message you are trying to portrait. A tatty, worn out, the oversized wallet will look big and bulky in the front of your trousers and may ruin the fit of your jeans. Go for slim and simple, not overly complicated but it is still easy to get wrong. I try to not carry any change around with me and will rely on cards and notes, any change will then go into my jacket pockets to avoid my wallet bulging.


So here are the few things that don’t have their own category but are definitely worth looking into Belts, ties/bowties and scarves. You can easily add any of these to your outfit. The rule you should keep to is less is more. Keep it simple, nothing too flashy. Remember, confidence isn’t being the loudest in the room, confidence is going into the room knowing you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else and just being damn happy where you are (not the exact quote but close enough).

To Finish Up.

So when it comes to accessories, less is more. Don’t go over the top and buy some very flashy watches, bracelets, earrings or rings. Take it from me, I’ve just sold a watch I thought would look good but ended up never wearing because it was so flashy. Not every outfit needs things added to it to make it look better. You’re the best judge of this.

Keep it classy gents, until next time.


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