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Style/Fashion, it makes you look good. I work a lot on my own outfits, I research styles and I also buy a lot of clothes… it’s important that you pick the right outfit and when you have picked your right outfit – that you care for them. I have found a few of these tips that are common complaints about people. Be it jeans fading or shoes smelling. These are easy, basic tips that are not too difficult to implement and can be life savers if you’re travelling or in a rush.

Adding a few of these tips to your usual routine will dramatically help not only increase the lifespan of your clothes but also make you look fresher and more stylish. Try them out and see how you get on with them!

Don’t wash Jeans

Jeans aren’t meant to be washed every time they are worn. Jeans were originally a working man’s trouser and were to basically be worn every day until they are completely ruined and can not be worn again. That’s because denim was cheap and easy to get hold of (and still can be at the right shops). Washing them often will often make them fade quickly and wear the seems down. Are you finding that your jeans are quickly fading all the time? Try to only wash them once every month or so, maybe even less! You can wipe them down with a wet cloth if you have gotten mud on them. But try to not wash them for as long as possible. There’s a section later in this article that will help you if they start to smell!

tuck your shirt into your boxers

This is a good tip to learn if you’re having to tuck your shirt in. During the day you move around, you stand up, sit down and over time your shirt will start to come untucked. This is a great way to make you look like you have more of a muffin top and it will look like your shirt does not fit properly. A way to prevent this from doing this is tucking your shirt directly into your boxers. It will prevent your shirt from coming untuck however make sure that your boxers don’t show above your trouser line! If you don’t want to do this, try getting shirt suspenders that attach to your thigh and then will attach to the bottom of your shirt to prevent it untucking itself!

Layer to hide wrinkles

Sometimes you don’t have time to iron your shirt. This is a great time to add in some layers to your outfit. Why not try wearing a  waistcoat? Or try and wear a cardigan over the top of your shirt to hide those wrinkles. If you have time, ensure your sleeves and collar are ironed and it will be easy to hide the imperfections on your shirt. Nobody is perfect, right? This is a great idea to plan for when you are travelling and you may not have access to an iron or a steamer.

Roll sleeves

This will work for both shirt and long sleeve tops. Rolling your shirt sleeves slightly will make you appear more muscular. It will also make you seem slightly more casual but it’s a good way to add a touch of style to your outfit without actually adding anything new to the outfit. Forearms are noticed very quickly by people, so rolling your long sleeves up is a good way to show them off! And on your short sleeves, if they are slightly higher than your bicep it will make your arms look bigger whereas if they are below it will hide your muscles and make your arms look smaller. You can also look into pin rolling your clothes, this takes a bit more patience to learn and will be a struggle to do on your own at first. But have a read of the guide here.


This is a good tip for your jeans, but also for your shoes too! Putting the clothes into your freezer will kill the bacteria in them and stop the smell! Obviously, this is not a replacement to not wash or clean your clothes, but it’s an additional tool in your arsenal to keep you tied over until you decide to either wash your jeans or really clean your shoes and remove all the bacteria within them (which is harder to do than it seems!). Make sure you put them in a small bag or have an empty drawer in the freezer so your dirty shoes don’t touch your food. Want to add in another way to freshen your shoes? Add some citrus peel into your shoes to freshen the smell! These two combined will make a big difference to prevent the inevitable “Whose shoes can I smell?!”


It’s no great insight that you need to get your haircut regularly. To ensure you are always looking your best try to have your haircut every 2-3 weeks. For longer hairstyles have one every 5-6 weeks. Grooming wise, what do you prefer? A bit rougher or clean shaven? Your beard should be trimmed every few days, whereas body hair can be done slightly less (depending on how clean shaven you want to be!). I tried to not go more than 2-3 days without cleaning up my beard, but as I’m currently growing my hair it’s about 6 weeks between haircuts.

Find the right jacket

My last tip for today… Jackets will make or break your outfit. You can add a stylish jacket over the top of your t-shirt will make you look great. Whereas you can add a bad jacket on top of a suit and ruin the entire outfit. Have a few different jackets that you can swap in and out. My current favourite is a dark tan overcoat, however, I have various sports jackets, formal jackets and even leather jackets I can add over the top of almost any outfit. Start with an overcoat (almost) any colour would work, but I’d personally recommend a navy, tan or black one.


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