Create A Morning Routine

So, lately I have started a new job, this means that on some days I am waking up at 4.30am.  A good morning routine is important, a good start to the morning will make a huge difference in how your day is going. There’s a big difference between going into the work or school completely prepared or the feeling of just rolling out of bed, forgetting something and panicking all day. This doesn’t need to be done every day! I enjoy a few days off a week where I don’t necessarily have a set morning routine as it’s nice to enjoy some downtime and not have every single hour of every single day completely planned out.

It’s crucial to wake up with plenty of time. It gives you a chance to get everything done on time and will reduce your stress at the start of the day. A good morning will be crucial for how good your day is. Don’t sweat over the small stuff and if you don’t manage to hit every single thing on this list. As long as you made a conscious effort to make it better I can guarantee you will feel better and more energetic.

Be Consistent

        It’s important to keep your routine during the days you need to get up on time consistent, keep your wake up time the same, keep your routine the same. It will make it a lot easier to know everything is prepared beforehand and you are organised at the start of your day. I recently put my phone in the fridge while still waking up early and was only able to find it on time because I had this routine. Whereas, if I had rushed around for the first 20 minutes of the day there would be no chance of me finding it before having to go to work.

It Comes Down To Planning

        The best way to make a good day is to plan certain things the day before, get your food prepared so you’re not running around the morning trying to make breakfast and lunch for the day. Get your clothes laid out so you’re not scrambling at 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning to find something that fits nicely and goes together, your brain isn’t properly awake most of the time then so decisions aren’t the best idea. This just cuts down on your decisions and will save you time.

Drink Water

        First thing upon waking up, have a big glass of water. You lose a lot of water overnight through your breathing and sweating. This also kicks off a process called Gastrocolic Reflex. Which basically means it’s going to make you poop. It also starts to kickstart your metabolism for the day, it’s not going to cause miracles but it will help stave off hunger. This is also important to look after your skin and will help to keep your skin clear.

Make Your Bed

        After you’ve drank your water. Make your bed. I learnt this in the book “tools of titans” by Tim Ferris. Even if the rest of your day doesn’t go to plan, you can control this no matter what happens and when you come back home you can at least have the knowledge to know you have done something good at the start of the day.

Eat Some Protein

        Your body is in a fasted state at the start of the day, you haven’t eaten for over 8 hours and you need nutrients. This is not an excuse though to eat lots of sugar if you want to keep your food in check for the day. In having a heavy carbohydrate meal you will spike your blood sugar, this then begins the cravings for the day and you will get into a cycle of snacking and grazing as your blood sugar goes through peaks and troughs. Protein will help control these as the blood sugar levels don’t rise as much. Obviously, you’re gonna have days when you eat cake and sweets and do you know what? That’s normal! It happens, but most days try not to spike your blood sugar too early.

Take Care Of Your Skin

         Your skin is important. If you look after it, it will reward you by looking better and you feel better when you have nice skin. Have you ever felt like you aren’t as confident when you have a big outbreak of acne on your face? So, first thing in the morning when you are probably most active and the blood flow near the skin is most active, so the uptake of moisture and nutrients is highest. Get a specific eye cream for the bags under your eyes and a moisturiser for your face. You will brighten your skin and you will feel more confident.

Do Some Exercise

        It doesn’t have to be a big workout or a few hours at the gym by any means. A few minutes of stretching, jogging, star jumps, anything to get the blood moving will make a big difference in your energy levels for the day. It will also make you feel a lot better about how your day is going if you have at least moved at the start of the day.

Have a shower

        Depending what time you have available in the morning, a shower may not work great for you. But if you have the time, a cold shower will wake you up and get your day started. I have a guide on whether you need a warm or a cold shower depending on what time you’re having one, and it’s listed here. First thing in the morning I would definitely recommend a cold shower to wake you up.

Get The Most Important Things Done

        You’ve drunk water, you’ve eaten a good breakfast, you’ve taken care of your skin, you’ve done some exercise and showered. What’s next? You need to find your most important job of the day and get that done first. There is no point going through a morning routine just to put off everything important for the day. So get your stuff done and have a good day.


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