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Dressing up nicely isn’t always necessarily¬†about making a lot of effort. Especially with Summer now in full effect, you will not want to wear a thick dress shirt or a full suit to look good. I have made the mistake before of trying too hard and then regretting it when I’m either too hot or uncomfortable. This can be a bit contradictory because it will take a bit more effort than you may be used to if you are used to just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, but over time it becomes easier and easier to pull off effortless style. I have gone through many stages and it’s only within the last 12 months or so where I feel comfortable in what I wear and what I do when I am outside the house. I used to wear baggy t-shirts and jeans with no co-ordination and be very uncomfortable. I then switched to more sports styled clothes and where I did feel comfortable doing so, the professionalism wasn’t there. So, I now have a good mix (in my opinion) that I am comfortable and happy with. Keep working on it, keep looking at inspirations on your chosen social media, it get’s better over time.

The Right Fitting Clothes

What will make a massive difference is when your clothes fit properly. They will highlight important areas and make you look leaner and more athletic. A slim fit shirt will still look good even if you have a bit of a belly. Get some tapered trousers instead of a straight fit. Beware of having a too slim of a fit with both your trousers and your shirts because this will make you uncomfortable and restrict your movement.

Stick To The Classics

Don’t jump on the latest trend if you’re trying to be effortlessly stylish. Keep it simple. Having effortless style is all about being able to pair great items together to make them look better. I have written an article on timeless style and it will apply here. Trying to match the latest trends can be tricky to do and if you are trying to be simple, the classics should be your basics.

Add Accessories

A super simple trick to help your outfit is to add some accessories. I have written an article about them before which you can read here. I’d start with a watch, this is the most basic thing you can do to improve your style and it is so, so easy to do. Play around with different ones but remember that depending on the occasion you may want to taper back and not over do if you’re in a formal occasion. I’ve also written an article about how to find the right watch style for you which can be found here.

Match Yourself

Linking on from the accessories section just above, matching the colours of your outfit and accessories is super simple and doesn’t require any more effort than normal as long as you have the right items. A good colour matching shirt and trousers will go a long way, but also having a matching pair of shoes and matching belt is important. This may take a bit of effort first of all, however, to make sure you have the right colour items but after a while, it does become very easy. A good thing to work on is having the same colour shoes, belt and watch. It makes you seem a lot more organised and can bring together any outfit.


Fake it till you make it. You hear it all the time. But it does make a difference! If you pretend to be more confident in your outfit you will genuinely look better. Practice every time you go through a doorway to lift your head, pull your shoulders back and smile! A nice outfit will do wonders and the more confident you are, the better it will look! Have you ever seen someone who walks into the room and you can just tell instantly they are comfortable and everyone respects them? That’s confidence right there. Work on this regularly as it will take a while to develop, but dressing well and working out is a great way to increase your confidence.

Roll the sleeves

Unless you have an athletic fitting shirt, your sleeves will be slightly too long and they will sit roughly around your elbow. But why hide your arms if you’ve been working hard on them? If you roll your sleeves once or twice depending on the length, it will look much better on you! But, remember, you are not wearing a vest. Don’t roll them too much and make it look like you are trying too hard. This can also be the same for your trousers too, if you have a pair of chinos on with some low top shoes, showing your ankles slightly and having your skin on show will look better than having a baggy pair of trousers that are too long.

Change Your Shoes

Whether you prefer wearing loafers or trainers, having a nice pair of shoes is important. Upgrade your shoes or clean them regularly to make sure they are looking fresh. A white pair of canvas shoes will go a long way to improving your style although they will get dirty quickly. This doesn’t mean spend lots of money on shoes, it means to find the right pair at an affordable price to make your outfit look good.

Stand Out

So, this is a good way to really make people think you are stylish. Instead of just wearing a t-shirt every single time, maybe put on a nice shirt. Because you have made slightly more effort than just a t-shirt and put on some loafers, you will stand out massively and look better in comparison to everyone else. Again, beware of the occasion and what company you will be into not stand out too much or it will look like you are making too much effort.


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