My Fitness Programme

For the past few weeks, I have been adding and changing my fitness routine quite a lot. As a few of you know, I have added weight training back in after about 10 months of pure callisthenics work. I still use the callisthenics regularly because I like how they feel and how I feel after doing them. Also, within the last 2 months, I have begun training in BJJ. Because of this, I have also changed my training routine because the plan is to compete in this.

Recovery is a major part of my programming too. I want to be able to train for a long amount of time and if I go balls to the wall every single workout several times a week without worrying about recovery this won’t happen.

So, on a usual week, I will train between 6 and 8 times. This is dependent on what my work shifts are like and if I even want to train 8 times a week. I definitely am a strong believer in seeing how I feel. If I am not up to training I will take the day as a rest day or reduce the volume of a workout. This is important to realise that not all days your workouts will want to happen and you will be doing more harm than good by forcing your workout.

Warm Ups

My warm ups will depend massively on what I am training for the day or where I am feeling particularly stiff that day. To do this I will go for a simple set of bodyweight squats, push ups and pull ups. This should tell me if I need to either do more exercises to see where I am not working properly or what I need to mobilise for that day.

Usually, I will do some mobility and activation exercises for my glutes and my upper back. These I find always need a bit more extra attention. Due to my high-frequency training, I need to work on my quads and knee extension quite a bit as my knees take a beating week to week and can feel tight. Foam rolling and Hip flexor stretching is a big part of my warm up which helps me squat. I then try to open my chest by working into my pecs and anterior delts.

My ankle dorsiflexion is also important and something I have worked on for a long time. I either do this with a band or I do this with a barbell and load up the knees to force them forward.

After my mobility work, I will go through my warm up sets. These are 4-5 sets of slower and lighter working sets where I can see whether I need to work on more mobility or if I am ready to get started in my workout.

The Main Work

The main workouts consist firstly of 2 lower body exercises. I workout 4 times a week in the gym so I will only do a few leg exercises a day but the total volume per week is high.

With my Olympic weightlifting now becoming more of a priority these are my first exercises every day. The explosive movements and the hip extension exercises will help in my overall sports performance. After this exercise, I will go into my leg accessory movement to strengthen my hamstrings or get more volume in.

Twice a week I will do pushing movements and twice a week I will do pulling movements. Two days I will do body weight pushing and pulling and two days I will do free weight pushing and pulling exercises. The bodyweight exercises are very much focused on specific goals I have which are for example Back/front levers, planches, handstands and L-sits.

Accesory Work

After the main work, I will do a few accessory exercises to strengthen a certain aspect of my training. With the new BJJ grips, I have been working on my grip at the end of some of my workouts. This is simply done by loading up a barbell and hold it in my finger tips, not like a full grip but having my hand open for strengthening my fingers.

Another area is my core work, this I change up quite frequently because I get bored easily. I will do something to activate my whole core, so planks while holding a vacuum or hollow body holds are frequently used.

Lastly, purely for vanity reasons I train arms and doing some shoulder exercises like lateral raises and maybe, just maybe some calf raises every now and then.

Recovery Workouts/Sessions

Once or twice a week I will do some recovery work. I use “flow work” to help both my mobility and my dynamic movement. I enjoy these workouts because you can make them as easy or as difficult as you like. You can either use more of the static holds and move from stretch to stretch or go into more depth and use animal crawls and dynamic movements to really challenge yourself.

Yoga and Pilates are also something I try to do once or twice a week, it’s very helpful to allow you to relax and stretch out your muscles after you have used them and get the blood flowing.

A new thing I have added in lately is Hot/Cold therapy. I have an article already about this but I will do upwards of an hour of sauna and ice bath use. After these sessions, I can definitely say I feel amazing. My muscles feel looser and my energy levels have increased.

The Weekly Schedule

So this can be confusing to read all because it seems all over the place. So here is my weekly breakdown of my training schedule:


  • Lower body (Squat movement) and Pulling (body weight).
  • Some form of Martial Arts training.


  • Lower body (Clean movement) and Pushing (bodyweight).


  • Movement/Yoga session.
  • Sauna/Ice bath.


  • Lower body (squat movement) and Pulling (weighted exercises).
  • Some form of Martial Arts Training.


  • Lower body (Snatch movement) and Pushing (weight exercises).
  • (every other week) some form of Martial Arts Training.


  • Some form of Martial Arts Training (mostly Grappling).


  • Off entirely.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!


Have a healthy week,


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