How To Build A Wardrobe

Autumn is coming. Summer is coming to an end and it’s getting cooler. So, your outfit choices are going to change. There are a few things id recommend to do, especially now there are the end of season sales going on. You don’t need to buy an entirely new wardrobe, but some subtle adjustments to your current one will make a big difference. You definitely should be trying to add to your wardrobe and not change it entirely, buying things that will compliment your wardrobe instead of creating a separate one to what you already have.

I have recently done this and thrown away some old clothes I stopped wearing entirely and now I am in the midst of rebuilding and expanding it. I’m being very picky with what I buy as I do still have a fairly large range of clothes to chose from.

If you are still new to finding your own style, don’t focus on the seasons. Find the clothes that fit you well and are classic styles and colours that look great regardless what season it is. You want to create a wardrobe you can comfortably and confidently wear all year round (this also stops you spending unnecessary money too!)


Get rid of what you don’t need

This seems like a good place to start before you start to add more things to your wardrobe, you need space first. So first of all, swap your hangers around backwards on your clothing rails. If, after a few months you haven’t used them, get rid of them. (Obviously, common sense should still play a part and don’t throw away a winter jacket because you haven’t used it over summer.) Now with the clothes you haven’t used and are ready to get rid of them, you can either sell them on eBay or you can give them to charity for someone less fortunate to wear.

What do you need?

Now you have space in your wardrobe, what do you need? Do you need another pair of blue jeans if you already have two pairs in your cupboard? Get yourself a list of a few things before going shopping to decide what you want. If you’ve gotten rid of a few shirts, try and get some replacements with ones that you will actually wear. Think practically too. Autumn and winter time are notorious for slightly colder and wetter weather, so buying suede shoes that will get ruined the first bit of mud they come in contact with won’t last long, get some things that won’t get ruined and if they get some mud or rain on them, they are easy to clean.

The colours

It’s getting darker and colder. So opt for “warmer” colours where you can. These will be your slightly darker colours but not blacks. So your browns, your dark red/maroons and your oranges. Try stick to only a few colours, however, as if you buy too much of a range you won’t get a chance to wear them or you are limiting yourself in terms of combining them with other items of clothing you’ve bought.

Find your inspirations

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest. Great platforms to find your inspirations of style. Find a few people whose outfits you really like or pieces of clothes you really like and emulate them. Add these to your list of clothes from the previous steps. This is why the # feature on social media is a great tool to use. Searching things like #Mensfashion will inevitably bring up some items you may choose to purchase. Remember your own comfort levels though, it’s all well and great buying something because you saw someone buying it, but if you’re not comfortable wearing it then you won’t be confident wearing it and that’s what makes a wardrobe great.

Research the sales

The sales at this time of the year will mostly be the end of season summer items, however, you will be able to find a few of your clothes inspirations or items on your list. You may even find something not on your list but you would still wear it during the autumn. Shop around and make sure to not blow your budget in the first shop or on the first online sale you find. Shops will always send around emails with the latest deals and discounts or new items that they are bringing it. Find a few good shops, sign up to the mailing list and don’t be afraid to wait a few weeks before buying something as it may drop in price soon.

What will you wear?

This is an important one. You may find one item in a shop that you’ll think “yeah, if X happens I will totally be able to wear this”. Forget it. Don’t buy things you won’t regularly wear. If you really love it and may want it for a special occasion, screenshot it or take a picture of it so you can look back at it later on and buy it then. If it never happens you’ve wasted no money and you won’t need to throw clothes out later on in the year or if you outgrow it.

Create a few “go to” outfits

Do you ever have those days where you don’t know what to wear or you just don’t feel like you suit anything? It happens. For this, when you are shopping buy a few items of clothes that you will be able to fall back on and be your go to outfits in days like this. I have a few things that I frequently wear, at the moment my go to is a pair of brown chinos and a white casual shirt with some loafers. It’s comfortable and I feel comfortable in it. Because of this, my confidence is up when I wear it and that’s what people pick up on.


This can take several weeks to do properly and you will need to try on lots of different items before finding what is right for you, but definitely don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Remember, as long as you are confident wearing it – it will look great.


Have a great week,


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